Torture: Barbaric or Essential?

Nicholas Vrousalis, ‘Is torture ever justified?’ (Nov 23rd, 2005, accessed online, 20/02/06 at )

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20 Dec 2016 This essay sets out to discuss torture as one of the human rights abuses .. Rape violates the rights of women and girls to be free from torture.

Torture is the act of deliberately inflicting physical or psychological pain on an organism in Torture. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jump to: navigation, search. For other uses, see Torture .. Voltaire (1694–1778) also fiercely condemned torture in some of his essays. While in Egypt in 1798, Napoleon Bonaparte

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In England the trial by developed considerable freedom in evaluating evidence and condemning on , making torture to extort confessions unnecessary. For this reason in England a regularized system of judicial torture never existed and its use was limited to political cases. Torture was in theory not permitted under English law, but in and early times, under certain conditions, torture was used in England. For example, the confession of at the trial of was presented in written form only, either to hide from the court that Smeaton had been tortured on for four hours, or because was worried that he would recant his confession if cross-examined. When was arrested for his role in the of 1605 he was tortured until he revealed all he knew about the plot. This was not so much to extract a confession, which was not needed to prove his guilt, but to extract from him the names of his fellow conspirators. By this time torture was not routine in England and a special warrant from King was needed before he could be tortured. The wording of the warrant shows some concerns for humanitarian considerations, specifying that the severity of the methods of interrogation were to be increased only gradually until the interrogators were sure that Fawkes had told all he knew. In the end this did not help Fawkes much as he was broken on the only rack in England, which was in the .

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Torture was continued by during the against teachers who they viewed as . In 1547 had arrested in , . Under torture he confessed to several crimes including writing an anonymous letter left in the pulpit which threatened death to Calvin and his associates. The Council of Geneva had him beheaded with Calvin's approval. Suspected witches were also tortured and burnt by Protestant leaders, though more often they were banished from the city, as well as suspected spreaders of the plague, which was considered a more serious crime.

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and other forms of  are often used as methods of torture for interrogative or punitive purposes.

Having shown the weaknesses of the case for torture, I then went on to make the case that torture is always morally wrong. The evidence for this is found largely in the wider context of the situation, where we can see implications of legitimising the practice that go beyond the immediate life and death of the situation itself. The erosion of the torture prohibition that could be caused by justifying and legalising the practice, and the ‘slippery slope’ from exceptional to routine use of torture, would have very wide implications and could lead to the torture of many individuals across the world. There would undoubtedly be innocent victims faced with long-term suffering as a result, and these victims would include those required to carry out torture. Further, the use of torture makes it impossible to use any evidence collected in a criminal trial and the US has already begun to see key suspects being acquitted as a result.

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In conclusion, the author in the essay puts forward a serious issue that affects the society on a daily basis. Terrorism affects many people both directly and indirectly. There are those who lose their lives, others get injured or maimed, the rest lose dear ones and end up bearing the cost of all these. Torture, despite being a barbaric act, can save such lives. It is a daring moral issue. Is it better not to torture a terrorist or suspect and follow the law and let people die? Alternatively, is it better torturing the individual and save the lives of the many dear ones? The audience has to ask themselves such questions and conclude on whether or not to legalize the use torture by the police.

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These arguments lead me to believe that torture is unjustifiable, even in extreme cases. However, because the immediate choice is so difficult and because the person making it is possesses human emotions and instincts, I would not absolutely condemn the decision to torture provided it was made in an emergency situation and with the correct intention. To make prior judgement that torture is justified in some circumstances is dangerous and wrong – torture must be prosecuted as a crime wherever it occurs. However, to recognise the mitigating circumstances when it occurs is also important.

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The author has used various words in a repetitive manner to drive his point home. For example, the words terrorist, torture and death feature repetitively throughout the essay. Since the essay has to change the way the audience think, the author has used words that draw a lot of attention. Death is a weighty word and no one would want to die because of a single terrorist. The essay also starts by explaining how torture has become impermissible in the society. The author explains his point of view on how torture can be useful to the police. He gives examples of how terrorists can plan to kill many people at a go and the only way to avert such a tragedy is by squeezing valuable information out of them by use of torture. Towards the end of the essay, he asks the audience to think about the whole issue before taking a stand. In summary, the organization of the essay is excellent and passes the message across to its audience; I would not change anything because any alteration would probably spoil the flow.

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Anti Essays Susan Muller English 201 27Sept. 2013 Summary of Krauthammer s Essay The Truth about Torture In the essay The Truth about Torture Torture Krauthammer.