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First, the dangers of racism should be stopped at school, at home, and in the work place. A perfect example of the dangers of racism is Police work, because many officers use unecessay excessiv force. For those people who feel racism is not a factor in causing the use of excessive force, here is a startling fact. In Tampa Bay, Florida, five men died while in the custody of the Tampa Bay police Department. The thing is, the Tampa Bay Police Department is made up of mostly white officers, but of the five men who died, none where white. Four of the five men that died where African Americans, and the other man was a Mexican, these men were beat to death with clubs, flash lights, and one was even bashed in the head with a lamp we have to put a stop to loss of innocent lives.

Ending racism is not a simple task. You can see that just in this short essay, many unanswered questions have arose. It is very hard to stop racism when it is so hard to understand the rationality behind it. Racism takes the hard work and dedication of a person to take the stand and act out. One way to eliminate racism is to stop being a bystander. When someone is witnessing a person being discriminated against, their initial reaction is to stand on the side lines and watch. This action of being a bystander makes the situation worse. When a bully sees a crowd forming they get a sense of satisfaction and continue to insult their victim. By acting out and standing your ground you are showing the bully that he/she doesn't have authority. When people are with their friends they often use racist words and phrases that are meant to be humorous and descriptive about certain occurrences. Phrases such as “that's gay” are often said without realizing what the actual meaning is behind it. Avoiding using phrases like these could help stop racism amongst friends and in the community.

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