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In , the capital of , captured and were forced into slavery. Raids by on coastal villages and ships extending from Italy to Iceland, enslaved an estimated 1 million to 1¼ million Europeans between the 16th and 19th centuries. This eventually led to the by an Anglo-Dutch fleet in 1816.

The Ottoman Empire owned and traded slaves on a massive scale. Many slaves were taken by conquest and the suppression of rebellions, in the aftermath of which, entire populations were sometimes enslaved and sold across the Empire, reducing the risk of future rebellion. The Ottomans also purchased slaves from traders who brought slaves into the Empire from Europe and Africa.

During the (1939–1945) , both those considered undesirable and citizens of countries they conquered, with the avowed intention of treating these as a permanent slave class of inferior beings who could be worked until they died but who possessed neither the rights nor the legal status of members of the .

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Essay On Essay On Slavery In Africa Slavery, Free Study Guides and book notes including comprehensive with the availability of African slaves, led to the use of slavery in the colonies.

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The , starting in the 8th century, also raided coastal areas around the and , and became known as the . It is estimated that they captured 1.25 million white slaves from and between the 16th and 19th centuries. The mortality rate was very high. For instance, plague killed a third to two-thirds of the 30,000 occupants of the slave pens in in 1662.

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According to Robert Davis, between 1 million and 1.25 million were captured by and sold as slaves in and between the 16th and 19th centuries. There was also an extensive trade in Christian slaves in the Black Sea region for several centuries until the was destroyed by the in 1783. In the 1570s close to 20,000 slaves a year were being sold in the Crimean port of . The slaves were captured in southern Russia, , , , and by horsemen. Some researchers estimate that altogether more than 3 million people were captured and enslaved during the time of the Crimean Khanate.

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An estimated 12 million Africans arrived in the from the 16th to the 19th centuries. Of these, an estimated 645,000 were brought to what is now the . The usual estimate is that about 15% of slaves died during the voyage, with mortality rates considerably higher in Africa itself in the process of capturing and transporting indigenous peoples to the ships.

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The was probably built in France sometime in the 17th century and carried a crew of about eighteen men. The ship came into English possession late in the 17th century, possibly as a during the . It was put to use in the , making at least two voyages carrying Africans to slavery in the West Indies. On its first voyage, in 1697–1698, the ship carried more than 200 people from Africa that were sold as slaves in . In 1699 the sailed from England on the first leg of the route with a load of trade goods, including iron and copper bars, pewter utensils, glass beads, cloth and brandy. The ship sailed under license from the (which held a monopoly on English trade with Africa), in exchange for ten percent of the profits of the voyage. It is known to have traded for African captives at on the . The ship then sailed on the second leg of its voyage, from Africa to the West Indies, and in May 1701 landed 191 Africans for sale in , . The then loaded a cargo of sugar, cotton, (indigo) and ginger to take back to England on the third leg of the triangular route. After leaving Port Royal on 18 May 1701, the ship headed for the to pass around the western end of (thus avoiding the pirates infesting the passage between Cuba and ) and catch the , the preferred route for all ships leaving the Caribbean to return to Europe. A month later, the on New Ground Reef near the , approximately 35 miles (56 kilometres) west of . All aboard were lost.

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The first African slaves arrived in Hispaniola in 1501. In 1518, agreed to ship slaves directly from Africa. England played a prominent role in the . The "" was pioneered by and his associates. In 1640 a Virginia court sentenced to slavery, forcing him to serve his master, Hugh Gwyn, for the remainder of his life. This was the first legal sanctioning of slavery in the English colonies. In 1655, A black man, of Virginia, was granted ownership of John Casor as the result of a civil case.