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Jean-Paul Sartre's Essays on Aesthetics are worlds away from this approach to art and the academic style of writing, containing exactly zero references to other aestheticians and only several footnotes for the purpose of historical exactitude. Rather, his five superbly written essays in this collection are penned in the style of art reviewers such as Robert Hughes and Peter Schjeldahl.

A collection of essays by Jean-Paul Sartre that touch upon the subject of existentialism by looking at aesthetics, emotions, writing, phenomenology, and perception The Philosophy of Existentialism collects representative essays on Jean-Paul

Renowned French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre references artists such as Tintoretto, Calder, Lapoujade, Titian, Raphael, and Michaelangelo in discussing how great art of the past relates to the challenges of his era Essays in Aesthetics is a provocative collection that considers the nature of art and its meaning. Sartre considers the artist’s function, and the relation of art and the artist to the human condition. Sartre integrates his deep concern for the sensibilities of the artist with a fascinating analysis of the techniques of the artist as creator. The result is a vibrant manifesto of existentialist aesthetics. By looking at existentialism through the lens of great art, Essays in Aesthetics is just as valuable a read to the artist as it is to the philosopher.

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A collection of essays by Jean-Paul Sartre that touch upon the subject of existentialism by looking at aesthetics, emotions, writing, phenomenology, and perception
collects representative essays on Jean-Paul Sartre’s pioneering subject: existentialism. Beginning with a thoughtful introduction by fellow French philosopher Jean Wahl, this worklooks at existentialism through several lenses, exploring topics such as the emotions, imagination, nothingness, freedom, responsibility, and the desire to be God. By providing exposition on a variety of subjects, is a valuable introduction to Sartre’s ideas.

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Through the practical consequences presented above, an existentialist ethics can be discerned. We pointed out that random expressions of one's spontaneity are not what authenticity is about, and Sartre emphasises this point in Existentialism and Humanism. There, he explicitly states that there is an ethical normativity about authenticity. If one ought to act authentically, is there any way of further specifying what this means for the nature of ethical choices? There are in fact many statements in Being and Nothingness which emphasise a universality criterion not entirely dissimilar from Kant's. This should come as no surprise since both Sartre and Kant's approaches are based upon the ultimate value of a strong notion of freedom. As Sartre points out, by choosing, an individual commits not only himself, but the whole of humanity (BN, 553). Although there are no a priori values for Sartre, the agent's choice creates values in the same way as the artist does in the aesthetic realm. The values thus created by a proper exercise of my freedom have a universal dimension, in that any other human being could make sense of them were he to be placed in my situation. There is therefore a universality that is expressed in particular forms in each authentic project. This is a first manifestation of what Sartre later refers to as the 'singular universal'.

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Art and Aesthetics from Edward Bullough to Part of this concept used in a very concise non abstract manner we find back in Sartre s essay on Giacometti.

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Biography on Alberto Giacometti | All biographies at YourEssay are FREE! About Us: both translated into English and published in Sartre s Essays in Aesthetics (1964).

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Essays in Aesthetics by Jean-Paul Sartre is a collection of five superbly written essays penned in the style of an art historian or art critic, worlds.

Jean-Paul Sartre's views on aesthetics are perhaps less controversial than his views on a number of other issues, particularly the human predicament.

Sartre's collection of 'Essays in Aesthetics' dates from the height of his fame in 1864, the year he was awarded (and refused to accept) the Nobel Prize. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

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