An historical, scientific, and practical essay on milk, ..

by Hartley, Robert Milham, 1796-1881

Passed in 1947, during the postwar period ofconservative reaction to New Deal liberalism, the Taft-Hartley Act (named after itsauthors, Republican Senators Robert Hartley, Jr., of New Jersey and.

The swill milk issue was a point of focus for one of America's first consumeradvocates, Robert Hartley. In An Historical, Scientific, and Practical Essay on Milkas an Article of Human Substance, Hartley set the tone for future milk treatises, ...

Loading An historical, scientific, and practical essay on milk, as an article of human sustenance; with a consideration of the effects consequent upon the present unnatural methods of producing it for the supply of large cities. By Robert M. Hartley ....

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Topics Milk supply, Milk as food, Public health.

An Historical, Scientific, and Practical Essay on Milk, ..

Additional Physical Format: Online version: Hartley, Robert Milham, 1796-1881. Historical, scientific, and practical essay on milk, as an article of human sustenance.

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