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for school administrators from Education World stressing the importance of the school library.

It plays an important role in schools, colleges and universities. The books are issued to the students in term of weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. Generally a reading-room is attached to this library for reading. In a library we get books on different subjects. There are books on literature, on history, hygiene, science and arts.

Conclusion: Some people think that going to the library is a waste of time as they can find information on the internet. It is not the content but the overall ambiance that is so enriching for the intellectual health of the individuals. They can work together in the library and expand the knowledge to become the masters in whatever they do in life.importance of library, Library essay, importance of library to students, importance of library essay, library advantages essay

The survey shows that most students who responded are not satisfied with the services and collections of their school library. The literature demonstrates the importance of a good school library in students' academic achievement. Based on the importance and the benefits of the school library to both staff and the students, the author has the following recommendations:

Importance Of Library In School Essay

Libraries are collections of books and other media. A library plays a very important role in promoting the progress of knowledge. There are many who love reading. But they can’t afford to buy books because the prices of books are very high. So when one becomes a member of a library, he can borrow valuable books and return them by their due date. Librarians support the general requirement of the library like acquisition, cataloguing, circulation. Librarians need to have all detailed information about students and books. They need to keep a track on the how many books are available in library and books issued to the students and also book lost in library. This is a really tedious task.

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In her foundational study, Heyn published a book length survey of 6th and 7th grade students from Atlanta who were studied over a period of two years. The work concluded that students from different socioeconomic backgrounds achieved similar rates of academic progress during the school year. However, when the summer break was studied it was determined that students from the lower socioeconomic strata fell behind academically at a faster rate than their more advantaged peers. The book concluded that factors outside of the school environment were affecting academic achievement. The book also studied public libraries and found them to be an important source for children’s reading during the summer break.

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It is important that those who wish to read to improve their minds or provide them with new skills should have access to books to do so. They also need access to computers, as so much good material is now available on the net. Many libraries and educational institutions do now offer this facility. We have a range of different libraries in many communities, largely provided at the taxpayer’s expense.

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Law Librarian
Law librarians manage complex legal databases and assist legal professionals in their research, often playing an important part in the legal process. Although a law degree isn’t necessarily required, law librarians are often well versed in the field, and may even participate in training sessions to teach attorneys or law students how to conduct their research more efficiently.

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Caroline Muglia is a Collection Assessment Librarian, a first of its kind position at University of Southern California Libraries. Collection Assessment is a metrics-based approach to maintaining a strong and relevant collection for all users. It’s seeing the metrics behind all resources, but not relying entirely on them to tell an important story that brings together users, budgets, and the shifting needs of physical spaces of libraries. Some days she’s number cruncher. Other days, she’s a social organizer.

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Medical Librarian
Medical librarians play a significant role in the health care process, managing important information that can be found in medical journals and the documentation of clinical trials. Some are employed by hospitals, while others choose to work at medical schools, serving as facilitators of the educational process for tomorrow’s doctors

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Even among those who had not used the library in the past year, at least half (53%) say they consider public libraries “very important” to their community as a whole, with 85% considering libraries important to their community overall. By comparison, 70% of those who had used the library in the past year consider libraries “very important” to their community, and 94% consider them important to their community overall.