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 Q: Are manufacturers required to have nutrition facts labels on all food items to be sold?

* Why fast food?
* Brief history of fast food industry in India
* Fast food industry trend, facts and figures, key players in India
* According to a study by the Tata Strategic Management Group, the size of the Indian health-and-wellness food market will rise from an estimated Rs101.5bn in 2010 to Rs550bn by 2015, implying annual growth of 35-37%.

The average person would not look at the nutritional facts, and even if they do, it is even less likely that they would fully understand it and change their decision about eating the food. Therefore, the argument that nutritional facts on fast food is a reason that it is not killing the nation, is false.

Let’s stop for one second. Why does any firm choose to sell a particular product? The answer is simple: because consumers are demanding it. It’s not as if McDonald’s spontaneously decided that it would create a large number of unhealthy, affordable foods. McDonald’s, like any successful firm, responded to market demand for food. Americans have shown that they want fast, cheap, affordable food, with large portion sizes. Nutritional information seems to be secondary. Because of this, McDonald’s has given them fast, cheap, affordable food in large portion sizes. Is it wrong that they responded to demand?

The full report and tools for consumers and researchers are available . Follow the Rudd Center on Twitter at @YaleRuddCenter #fastfoodfacts.

Nutritional claims and labeling are very valuable things for the consumer when deciding if he or she wants to eat the product, and the food industry knows that truth in advertising and package labeling is something that has to be addressed. If the label does not tell the consumer all the facts, it is possible the consumer could be ingesting something he or she really does not want (UK list of health claims, 2010). That is a vital issue with candy, because some people have adverse reactions to things such as sugar and caffeine -- or to artificial sweeteners that may be used to present the candy as something low-sugar and more healthful overall.

The UK Food Standards Agency is very particular about what is sold and how it is represented, so that is one of the most important issues for any new and novel food product (UK list of……

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Fortunately, this information is beginning to penetrate the public consciousness. Recently, a news special covered the subject. The reporter got some of the details wrong, but the general message was right on the money. And the one surprising tidbit of information in the report was the fact that most of the deep-fried foods served in fast food joints are fried in partially hydrogenated oils!

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Q: Are food manufacturers and distributors allowed to print nutrition facts panels in foreign languages?

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Learn more about services at Mayo Clinic. Some of the joys in life include eating out at new restaurants and enjoying cooked cuisine. Get information, facts, and pictures about food poisoning at. Make research projects and school reports about food poisoning easy with credible. 10 Common Food Poisoning Symptoms Signs.

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The report, “Fast Food FACTS 2013,” is a follow-up to a report released in 2010. Using the same methods, researchers examined 18 of the top fast-food restaurants in the United States and documented changes in the nutritional quality of menu items along with changes in marketing to children and teens on TV, the Internet, social media, and mobile devices.

Marketing FACTS. What marketing techniques and practices do fast food restaurants use to target children? Use the marketing tools below to review the findings.

The nutritional content that is listed in foods is list for consumer to know and learn. It is not the fast foods chain's responsibility to educate their consumers. It is the consumers responsibility to learn what their eating. Therefore, Fast food Chains are providing information that is necessary, hence is it is the consumers choice of fast food that is killing the nation.

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A: A small food package, defined as a package measuring less than 12” sq. in total surface area available for labeling, may not be able to hold a nutrition facts label. For the consumer’s information, the manufacturer/distributor may print a telephone number or address the consumer can use to obtain nutrition facts about the product. This exemption is valid only when the product label does not make any statements about nutrient content or make any other nutritional claims or statements.