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WRT – 101Word Count: 1.195Argumentative Essay on ObesityIn the essay, “Why Are We Getting So Fat? A few theories on Americas Weight Problems” the author Steven E...

Then, I introduced the children to health and obesity by watching a video “Childhood Obesity- Kids Fight Back,” that I downloaded off the internet free of charge. I used a DVD player provided by the church. Afterwards, I spent the remainder of the time reviewing health statistics for obesity and information about the negative effects of being obese, such as illnesses. During the last five minutes of class, I provided each child with a composition notebook and asked them to keep a Journal of their meals and snacks over the entire course of the program.

I also wanted teach them about the importance of exercise and show them ways to incorporate exercise into their daily routine while having fun. My primary purpose for this program was to develop a fun and informative way to help empower children to make positive choices. I had several objectives for this project. First, I wanted to educate children essential part of any program. McPherson, Marking, Heathery, & Homer (2012) states, education is an effective strategy that will help prevent childhood obesity.

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Micro-analysis on childhood obesity- Third one, I will begin to describe the environment from a micro-level perspective. 4. Childhood Obesity- Fourth will be this article because I will be describing obesity from the mezzo perspective-which includes the family. 5. Contributes too Built Environment to Childhood Obesity- Finally area discussed will be the macro-level perspective which encompasses the community. V. Thoughts about the strengths/weaknesses of the available evidence. VI. Conclusion 1 .

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First area discussed Is the individuals story about how he became obese, second the person in their environment perspective, third, life from the micro, mezzo and macro perspective, fourth I will describe the kinds of influences that may have led to this individuals situation and will finish with ways that I might apply the concepts from this course to benefit this individual. 2. Thesis Statement: Just as an individual’s diet and genetics are factors that contribute to obesity; so are his/her environment/life/illnesses. II. Five Scholarly Sources 1.

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Also, seven percent of Quahogs County residents are unemployed (County Health Rankings and Roadman, 2013). There is also limited access to healthy food in Quahogs County. One study reports that 25% of residents in Quahogs live in “food deserts” meaning grocery stores are more than one mile away. In contrast, Quahogs County residents have 20% more convenient stores than grocery stores (Mamba, Clark, Taught, n. D. ). Only 6% of adults in the county eat 5 or more servings of fruits and vegetables per day. Furthermore, only about 1 1. % of Ohio children consume the daily recommend amount of fruits and vegetables (CDC, 2012). This coupled with a lack of transportation decreases the amount of fresh produced and vegetables these residents are receiving and increases their chances for obesity. The lack of physical activity is also a problem in Quahogs County. Only 60 % of the residents exercise three times a week and 30% exercise on a daily basis. 25% of residents in Quahogs do not participate in any exercise at all. Furthermore, only about 28% of children in Ohio received the recommended 60 minutes of exercise each day (Center for Health Affairs, 2013).

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In addition, the estimated cost for obesity related health care in American is about 210 billion liars a year, with 14 billion spent on children (Trust for America’s Health and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, 2012). Childhood obesity is a serious health crisis that warrants immediate intervention and preventative strategies. Planning Based on my assessment and diagnosis of Quahogs County, I decided to develop a six week intervention program to teach children ages 10-14 the importance of eating healthy and staying active in order to maintain a healthy weight.

Thesis Statement Obesity in America has reached epidemic proportions, although diet and exercise is important in weight management it is not the only cause

All in all, there are a number of things the government could do to encourage healthy eating and reduce obesity in America. Whether it is making healthy breakfast and lunches available to schoolchildren, making fast-food advertisements more about food and calorie intake and less about sex and humor, or by making fast- food companies’ state their nutritional facts in a more obvious manner, any of these things would make a difference to the future state of health in our country. Works Cited Zincked, David. Don’t Blame The Eater. New York: They Say, I Say

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Childhood obesity is an epidemic that is negatively affecting the entire nation and more importantly my community. I decided to implement this program at a local church for one hour, every week, for six weeks teaching them about the importance of maintaining a healthy weight by eating right and staying active. I chose the church because the collaboration of healthcare professionals and faith-based organizations can be very effective in health promotion (Brown, 2009). My goals were to teach the children about eating healthy and picking healthy food choices.