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The benefits of inclusive education are numerous for both students with and without disabilities.

The colorful infographic is designed to spread the message about the benefits of music for children. It shows 6 speech bubbles of different colors around a child’s silhouette describing how music develops creativity, language, and reasoning skills. It also says that it increases empathy, discipline, and helps students achieve more in their academic and personal lives. Children who receive a musical education have higher self-esteem and self-awareness. The infographic also cites studies that suggest children who received musical instruction have greater verbal intelligence and better grades, as well as increased brain elasticity. 73% of 2000 people surveyed see musically instructed children as better behaved. The clear message is that those who receive a musical education may develop to be more intelligent.

In the words of Francis Bacon, “Knowledge is Power” Power to live a decent life, Power to earn a decent income, Power that brings you respect and dignity. When knowledge can bestow the power for so many things, why should it be restricted to a few who have the advantage of wealth? Knowledge needs to be free for all those who deserve it, and what a person deserves should be decided by an individual’s capability and intelligence and not by wealth. The best and simplest way to disseminate knowledge to all those who deserve it, is through free education. Making education free at the least at the primary level, or maybe, even up to the secondary and/or post-secondary level, would only benefit our society. Le’s look at some of the most important benefits of free education.

Free education would be beneficial to those who deserve it, as well as, to the society as a whole. Where everybody is talking about equal and better opportunities, the prospects of a better future should not be lost due to lack of equal opportunities for education.

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In addition to relationships, a Christian university or college will normally provide an atmosphere more familiar to Christian students. A non-Christian campus, especially a large one, can be quite a shock to incoming freshmen. The more wholesome environment on a Christian campus can provide just as many opportunities without all the distractions and stress. This is not to say that believers should be shut away from the world or be afraid of their neighbors. Higher education is an important job, and some students can find the flash and noise of a big college town detrimental to a good education.

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A final benefit of Christian higher education is perhaps the most significant. The quality of a Christian college experience is higher than any other. Christian educators have an additional motivation to do their work with excellence—the call of Christ on their lives to do just that (I Cor. 10:31, Col. 3:17). Quality may also be enhanced by the emphasis on subjects and teaching deemed by God to be of first importance. A biblical focus will inform the manner, content, and even the scope of an educational experience, and Christian schools may be less influenced by cultural (or educational) fads.

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Examples of other benefits of the program include: Early exposure to hands-on science, mathematics, and education topics; Research experience at the undergraduate level

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Aug 19, 2016 · Parents and their children benefit from the high academic standards, values-added education offered by Catholic Schools

One article discussed the benefits of pursuing education beyond high school According to the article, the long term benefits of higher education are higher�.

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The benefits of higher education are numerous and varied. These benefits can either be to an individual, to the family or the society by extension. The benefits to the individual can be basically divided into two categories, extrinsic benefits and intrinsic benefits. The other benefits are to the family and to the society as a whole.